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Connected Center of the Americas

Final Presentation


Much like the Americas are in real life, the different elements of this program were thought of seperately as each has its own purpose.

From the moment that I recived this project, I thought of it in that way.  I wanted to resemble the fact that the Americas are unique in

their own way, but are also connected as Americans.  To begin thinking about the structures, I researched information about inflatable

structures and was inspired by the rib-like structures.  I then did a study of spirals, which led to the developement of the rib.  After a few

manipulations, I finally decided on a single rib that would be the basis for the structure of my project.  Each part of the project, which I

like to call pods, consists of a network of ribs and a translucent skin that allows a controlled amount of light to come in and out of

the building.  You will notice that all the elements of the project are centered in each pod.  This is because the exterior walls are heat

sensitive and are able to be interacted with.  The circulation within the building is like that of a connecting cable, somewhat linear, but

has its ups and downs with occational crossovers.  As for the site, I did not want to take up the entire site, but I also wanted to have a

good view.  By placing my project in the south eastern corner of the site, I left sufficient land free and am on a diagonal axis that compliments the site.