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Plug-in Miami Cont.






In this plug-in, a person will be able to interact with other people virtually and physically, who are not necessarily in the same country.
The plug-in in separated into three main areas.  The first are the four kiosk-like structures which visually connects you to the other
plug-in sites.  Two of the kiosks are receivers and the other two are transmitters.  The transmitters are feeding video information
to the recievers at the other locations and the receivers receive the video information from the other plug-in's.  When you look
down into the crystal ball of the transmitters, you will see a camera, while in the receivers, you will be seeing someone from a
different location.  Next is the gateway wall.  On this wall, anything done to the wall in one location will have the opposite
effect on another.  Finally is the virtual meeting room.  Here you must change into a Virtual Reality Suit.  Once you have
done that, you can enter the room and meet with other people from other countries.  The VR suits are a must, because
with them on, you are able not just to see and hear the other person, but if you shake hands, the sensors in your suit
will activate and you would be able to feel it.  Besides the rooms, some of the walls inside the plug-in are set to
project videos of Miami.