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Florida International University
Design 7                                             Professor Alfredo Andia 

                    Armando Rodriguez                                                        Virtual Design Studio 
Aug. 30

 Pneumatic Structure

Inflatable Architecture

Air-supported Structures
Sep. 6 pneumatic and tent structures presentation      
Sep. 13 Project Site        
Sep. 20 Concept Statement Concept Model          
Sep. 27 Programmatic Model      
Oct. 4  Spiral Study            
Oct. 11  Exterior Study            
Oct. 18  Interior Study            
Oct. 25  First Layout            
Nov. 1  Second Layout            
Nov. 8  Plug-in Miami Plug-in Cont.          
Nov. 15 Video ConferenceRooms Exterior Video Conference
Rooms Interior
Nov. 22  Offices Exterior  Offices Interior          
Nov. 29  Plans and Sections  Interior Perspectives          
Dec. 6  FINAL PRESENTATION            

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